RigPass Training Curriculum
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RigPass® Training Curriculum

IADC's RigPass® program is an accreditation system delivering a standardized safety orientation program for new employees, preparing the employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore.

Completion of an IADC RigPass® accredited program confirms that personnel have met basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry, irrespective of the rig's location.

Topics Covered

Topics Covered
• Basic Safety & Respect for Co-Workers
• Drug & Alcohol Policies
• Driving Safety
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Hazard Awareness & Communication
• Hand Safety
• Good Housekeeping
• Electrical Safety
• Hazardous Materials
• Occupational Health
• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
• Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
• Back Safety
• Working at Heights
• Dropped Objects
• Lockout/Tagout
• Rigging
• Forklift Safety
• Environmental Protection
• Wildlife Hazard Awareness
• Permit to Work
• Management of Change
• First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens
• Fire Prevention & Response
• Incident Reporting & Investigation
• Offshore Orientation & Transportation
• Offshore Emergency Response
• Marine Debris
• Security Awareness
• SEMS Awareness
• Excavating & Trenching
• Pits & Ponds

The Moxie Advantage

Moxie Media can provide Accredited RigPass® Training Providers with engaging training curriculums to assist instructors in providing highly effective classroom sessions. These Hybrid Training Resources, available on DVD or via the internet, allow new employees to experience actual oilfield work life and locations through stimulating courses featuring high definition video, audio, animation, interactive exercises, simulations, quizzes and automated testing. Utilizing these resources allows instructors to dedicate more time working one-on-one with students focusing on the critical health, safety and wellness concepts essential to new employees.

Curriculum Objectives

Help provide awareness-level training in safe operations for land-based and offshore facilities.
Build awareness of each worker's responsibility to protect their own safety and the safety of their co-workers, the public, and the environment.
Inspire an active safety mindset that asks questions, stops the job when safety is not assured, and looks for ways to increase the safety of work operations.
Prepare workers for additional training in safe operations and company policies and procedures.
Help new workers become contributing members of a safe, successful work crew.
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